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About Bayongciaga and WilloWeaves

Bayongciaga brand started in the Philippines in 2016 when the bayong (market bag) was not as popular as it is today in the mainstream fashion. "Bayongciaga" is the short form of the Ilonggo (a Filipino dialect) sentence "Bayong siya 'ga" meaning "That's a market bag, love."

Although the bayong (market bag) has been around for ages, Bayongciaga's great contribution is helping create the bayong's rightful place in today's modern world thru their innovative designs. These designs are created to life by the skills, creativity and passion of the weavers who come mainly from the Central Luzon region of the Philippines. Bayongciaga provides a sustainable income for the weavers who hope to be economically independent so they don't have to rely on government funds.

Willoweaves, a Canadian brand created by a Filipina and an authorized reseller of Bayongciaga in Toronto, Canada, aims to bring the popular bayong to North America. Together, our vision is to help improve the quality of life of our weavers one bayong at a time. 

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